Induction Lighting

  • Lightingretrofit is an energy efficiency company specialising in Induction Lighting solutions for area lighting applications.
  • Affordable energy efficient lighting. The low pricing on our induction light fixtures provides outstanding ROI figures. Combining energy savings of around 40% on older technologies with the extremely long lamp life providing the added benefit of substantially lower long term maintenance costs. When combined these two factors make induction lighting the lowest lifetime cost of any lighting source.
  • Instant switching provides further oportunities for energy savings when combined with movement sensors, light sensors, machine operating systems and time controls.
  • No flicker and high CRI provide a very high quality light source for high definition applications such as packing lines, machine shops, car washes,ect.
  • Whether the changes be small scale ongoing maintenance changeouts or larger scale bulk changeouts, Lightingretrofit is your dependable supplier of Induction Lighting fittings and accessories for all factory, warehouse and street lighting applications.

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